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I agree that were it true, it would be one of the most egregious cases of cultural genocide imaginable. Problem is, it's not entirely true.

This is a complex story with good and bad on all sides, and must be seen within its historical context, and in the context of the motivations of the perpetrators.

I think for example of several European countries such as France which recently made it against the law for anyone to wear a head-scarf to school.

What are the motivations of the French in the above respect?

I think also, for example, of the "stolen generation" that somehow became "the stolen generations" probably because the self flagellation hurts more if more than one generation is perceived to have been "stolen".

It's what ex Prime Minster John Howard referred to as "...the black armband school of history".

Of course, a goodly number of the white anglo celtic migrants to Australia themselves were "stolen" (or "given up"?) or transported to the colonies for stealing a slice of bread.

Nor is the history of any nation pure in the current context. The facts of European invasion/colonisation are too well known to bear repeating. It is worth noting though that the cause of many of the territory-related problems and civil wars experienced in recent decades can be traced directly back to the imposing by the colonial British of boundaries and markers cutting directly across tribal lands, thus sparking the next round of civil war.

I think, for example, of Palestine, Zimbabwe, India/Pakistan, to highlight just a small part of the made-in-Britain mess that the world is still cleaning up.

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sorry for two comments when one would have done. Just wanted to remark on the "falsely righteous accusations of pedophilia":

The accusations in fact are not false, but sadly too true. The alarmingly high incidence of child rape and violence against women and children in indigenous communities is well-established and well-documented and acknowledged to be true by pretty much everyone of whatever political leanings.

The current federal labor government is continuing the initiative established by the previous liberal government of "intervention" in those commmunities where the rate of offending is the highest,.

The intervention most usually takes the form of controlling how welfare benefits are paid, with the aim being to limit the money spent on alcohol.

Now, it's certainly true that the poor state of Australian indigenous communities is a reflection of a culture in terminal decline --- and the decline has been driven to a large extent by the process which saw indigenous people robbed and cheated and abused on a grand scale.

But more than enough crimes have been committed against indigenous peoples without having to invent or repurpose any.

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