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mastery mistery

Excellent post. Who was it who said, "The State is out of Date?"

I would assess the EU as roughly average in the League Table of human governance structures. After all, there are many states/organisations in which corruption and inefficiency are at much higher levels than in the EU.

masterymistery at cosmic rapture


Hitler did not want an united Eruope, he just wanted to create living space for the German people eradicating the local populations(Jews, Slavs), he was a fanatical nationalist who wanted to pursue his own form of colonialism in Europe similar to what the British Empire did outside Europe in places such as Australia or America. Nationalism is poison.
As for the European Union, it was created to prevent war in a continent torn apart by fascism and communism and other sick ideologies, trying to unite the continent by peaceful means.
Anyway what is the problem if the continent unites, national identity it's imaginary anyway.

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