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Jim Buck

Interesting to see that "Red China" is encouraging its population to take up Christianity:


I suppose it gives them something to think about other than Marxism.

On the subject of the sun, I recall that the artist Turner's last words were: 'The sun is God!'


Air Jordans

That is too cool! thanks.*


It makes sense to honour and respect the sun, one thing that is beyond any argument is "no sun..no life". I do not wish to criticise any religion, each person walks their path, but the Council of Nicea was a political hijacking of the Christian religion and an editing exercise as to which books would be considered official doctrine and which were to be perceived as heretical: Indeed, it could be argued that a lot of good Christians and Christian thought was lost as a result. I am not a follower of Christianity, but I believe Jesus was a great teacher. Deep down, as in all religions, there is a beautiful message in Christianity. The Roman Empire realised that a form of it would act as a great way to control the masses and it this version that has become the established form. One example that could be cited would be the Celtic Christian Church that flowered in the U.K and Ireland, to some extent this absorbed Pagan sensibilities (I believe Bel was a Solar Diety, as was Aongus, in Ireland). The Celtic Christain Church existed independantly of Rome, until it too was marginalised, from the Synod of Whitby, onwards.

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