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having experienced first hand with our own children the rising tide among young people of self-mutilation, substance abuse, eating disorders, suicidal ideation and self-harm, I can say that in at least 2 instances, the drugs did not / do not work.

And if you look at this a little more closely, some even more disturbing facts are revealed.

Research shows that

anti-depressants can and do cause depression in young people

anti psychotics can and do cause psychosis in young people

mood stabilisers can and do cause unstable moods and mood changes in young people.

Strange but true.

masterymistery at cosmic rapture


The American pharaceutical industry has been using a very strategic system of rackeetering - a problem/solution cycle. First the ADA and AMA come in promoting all kinds of neurotoxins, mercury and other nasty metals in the mouth, vaccines with all manner of neuro and immunotoxins mandated....then comes the dis-ease and psychological trauma. Voila....expensive and useless pharmaceuticals to the rescue. It is a sad state of affairs indeed. And yes, raising kids in this atmosphere is no fun. Mine suffer daily from chemtrail spraying and neurotoxicity from my dental amalgams, prenatal flu-shots, and rhogam shot.

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