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Dear Gregory,

Could you please review:





Jose Luis G. Soler


"...and whenever the Sun shines/I stretch my arms way out..."
"Akhenaten", Julian Cope

F. L. Szot aka "Ambassador Zot"


I'm very curious to know if you are aware of Olaf Stapledon's autobiographical (yes, autobiographical!) "Star Maker", which is commonly classified as an early masterpiece of modern science fiction? Within Chapter Eleven, "Stars and Vermin", he provides a detailed exposition of the nature of the spiritually advanced and culturally intricate society of minded, "angelic" stars.

Thank you for your work in the field.


Old news to some of us.. the sun is just everybodies eyes looking down. Writing books won't teach anyone a thing. Because the sun is too bright to read the words on the page. Books achieve nothing. Look at the bible. It has existed for years. People are still the same. People only learn person to person.


have been a sun worshiper for most of my life though cant be bare skinned out in for long due to the risks of cancer sad to say being a son of the ice giants i suppose lol

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