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You could also say, "stochasticity killed the cat", Schrodinger's cat, that is. Referring to the "thought experiment" of quantum physicist Erwin Schrodinger to illustrate quantum unpredictability, in which a cat may be in a so-called superposition of states, ie alive and dead and everything in between, until the observer of the experiment "collapses the wave function" and brings a non-stochastic, ie specific, outcome into tangible reality...

In the context of the above, the saying would strictly speaking be: stochasticity may / may not kill the cat.

I've started reading Sun of gOd --- enjoying it tremendously.

masterymistery at cosmic rapture


Yeeees, or you could say it was curiosity that killed Schrodinger's cat - human curiosity over whether it was alive or dead.

Glad you're enjoying the book. I did my first illustrated lecture spun from it a couple night ago. Went down very well to a full house.

Bianca D

Loved your interview with Regina on CMN.
Thanks for sharing such useful information.
Curiosity killed the cat, satisfaction brought her back!

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