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Priest of Baal versus Elijah brother ?
1KINGS 18.All of it.
God never disappoints.
Know this : Anton lavey the high priest of the church of Lucifer says.One of there major commandment is this .
Do as thou will.
As you promote the worship of the sun which represents Lucifer worship. I hope that God is merciful to you and your family.Am Glad that my site could be of service to you.

Now as in the day of Elijah The people of the Earth would have to Choose who they would serve.
1Kings 18:21

God bless


Thanks for your revealing post "Royalblood"

Ah yes, Lucifer the light-bearer. How on earth did he get mixed up with Satan? There's nothing about it in the old or new Testament. Perhaps those pushing darkness just couldn't bear the light. And skimming through your blogspot link makes it very clear just how much darkness is woven into the sad early history of the Jews and Christians.

Frances Lynn

So thanks to Constantine, the planet has been plagued with wars ever since - all the in the name of religion!

Holy Spirit


Regarding the sun and its worship. Why would you worship a mass of hydrogen and deny God as its creator? You say its of intelligent design; who designed it? I believe your intellect and ego is afraid of God.

Here is something to ponder:

Right and Wrong

Good or Evil

Some people may say that there is no evil or good. Perhaps these types of people believe they are like animals acting out of instinct and the words good and evil are mere inventions for human control. So, the Homo sapiens, “Darwin Ape” has to be controlled, because according to Darwin we are just animals. Are virtue, morality and a code of conduct just meaningless words? Yet man has laws and so where did these laws come from. Laws are meant for human behavioral control. The truth is that good and evil exist in our world and if everyone can’t live by the second covenant than the first covenant must guide the ignorant.

If I feel good about good and I feel bad about bad within my conscious.

And this conscious knows God to be good.

Therefore God exists.

Primordial Soup

If you understand DNA and RNA and the vast complexity of the cell than you know its not mere chance that it formed on its own. If you realize that DNA is information; yet a program as well then you can understand programs are made not just from coincidence but from intelligence. Just look at the keyboard before you and wonder in awe at the intelligent design behind it! Someone intelligent uses the Keyboard to make programs hopefully.

So the Darwin people believe dead matter some how made an extreme complex cell and then mysteriously the cell had babies.

Near Death Experience

There are many similar accounts of what lies on the other side of our known world by near death experience survivors.

The Big Bang

Yes the universe exploded into existence about 15 billion or 1000 Septillion years ago and I would bet everything in the world that God worked through his son Jesus not just with firecrackers, but perhaps a giant fusion bomb.



God himself the true wonder as he has no beginning and no end, never changing, yet always the same. God is Invisible but visible, loving but jealous, so he is God? Fights wars against evil, but never evil himself, because evil is of Lucifer.

1/3 = Infinty

1/3 = ~

On the 3rd day after Christ was Crucified, Christ left the tomb and there was light; which was a Sunday meaning light and one God, this was the resurrection on the 1st day of the week. You then divide the first day by the third day that God created light which is a metaphor for infinity, because it’s light. Thus God is infinite along with the Son and the Holy Spirit. Therefore the infinite number 3 is a holy number and a universal one which permeates throughout life.


1-13 And the evening and the morning were the third day.

14 And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:

15 And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth: and it was so.

To you who are full of power, greed and self-centeredness as a means to control others with a disregard to their rights while causing harm to other people. Jesus Judgment of you is coming!!!


Hello "Holy Spirit,"

Thanks for your all our comment. I just want to point out that the Sun is far more than a "mass of hydrogen" and if you do not realize this then you are being sadly ungrateful. You are built of stardust and the actual energy with which you experience this existence is re-cycled Sunlight. Yet Christians turn their back on the glorious Sun, God's personal representative in this little nook of the galaxy, whether you see the Biblical character or the divine universal Light as God.

And try not to get so bogged down with quoting details of who said what to whom, most of which was decided upon at the Council of Nicea anyway. Look to the light and seek the truth for yourself without relying on a Roman Emperor's interpretation.

See how the Sun and Earth are cosmically connected: http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2008/30oct_ftes/

Shine on,

Holy Spirit

Are you saying that the sun is greater than the son of God? Do you have faith in the sun or in Christ? Christ and the Holy Spirit represent God. Yes the sun produces the elements that are in our bodies, but God created our souls. Everyone can discern from the bible, but that assessment may not be true.

The old testament with all its animal sacrifices and near sacrifices; like when Abraham almost sacrificed Issac was symbolic for what Christ had to do on the cross to end death and sin for the faithful. Yes we still die but Christ's work is not complete.

We still have the twinkling of an eye known as the rapture which I think will occur sometime between 2016-17 and Armageddon which may occur in 2023.

I'm sorry Greg! No doubt I'm grateful that we have a sun which sustains life but the sun did not create it. God spoke against idolatry. I would not be spending my valuable time if I did not have hope for you. Praise He Vav He Yod and have faith in Christ. I'm merely the messenger.


May your Soul see the true light


Hi Tom,

Good luck with your combination of Old Testament beliefs and Roman Emperor rationalizations. Maybe you will find "the true light" in there somewhere and be filled with joy and happiness instead of fear. I see it every day when the Sun comes out and don't need my messenger to be nailed to the cross to get it.


Holy Spirit

Well I tried, life is short and Christ brought us hope. You have no idea were you are going in the after life. I wish I could change your mind but I guess you want to stay on your own cross eternally.

Sorry about being so harsh but hell is a real place!

Maybe in time you will change your mind!

Gregory Sams

Thanks for your concern "Holy Spirit" Tom.
You gave it your best.

Holy Spirit

Do Atheists believe that Evil exists?

If you are an Atheist please provide your argument to me about evil and tell me what is good. Where do atheists get their moral conduct from and don’t tell me it’s institutionalized or from a nuclear family please? This should be personal and a different interpretation from every atheist. Atheists should look at this question from a deep perspective since many subscribe to Darwin or that aliens dropped humans off on this planet. Also please tell me if atheists believe in a soul; because Karma would be completely off the table if an atheist does not believe in a soul.


I'm not sure what would make you think I'm an athiest.
The thought has truly never crossed my mind.

Holy Spirit

Sun worship is Idolatry! And you seem to mock Christ. Therefore you are with out God!

Holy Spirit

Atheists have no foundation; they are like a mayfly in a single dance:


A quote from the spirit spitfire888

It’s obvious to me that atheists seem to love this world and its material comforts tossing the truth aside. Additionally, God is forsaken for a world of lust and pleasure and the moral code has to meet this atheist agenda. No real code of conduct do atheists have, because their lives are found in worldly courts were justice is set in mendacity and morals are only convenient for an atheists self interest. Simply put, atheists can’t stand the truth and their code of morality changes to fit the common modes of the day. Atheists laws are on paper so the lay of the law can be changed unlike the God of the bible who set his law in stone, which never changes. It would be not farfetched to say that atheists suit Satan’s will as to abstain to a God of the bible and never deviate from Satan’s way. Atheists constantly refer to the Council of Nicea as their only hope that Christ was just a fraud! Yet Pilate was real and sentenced him to be crucified as we all did as sinners crucified Christ since the inception of sin.

Why must an atheist end up in hell, where evil resides? Outright the reason is an atheist denies Christ and his Mighty work! Yes some atheists find a change in heart and find faith in Christ and put away the foolish atheist concept. This is all I wish for you, is for you to escape a hellish abode and also come to know the truth.


On his day of sacrifice

In his being

He turns men to mice

The mighty one walks

While with fear demons shake

On his day of conquering

Eternity shall awake

This mighty king

God’s great son and his pride

Who will come to know him?

And in his merciful peace abide

Look at the great king

In his power great love does he bring?

The master of the universe

I listen as he calls to me

But it is I that should seek him

With him forever

In my humility

Who and how can you satisfy

Such a master

Oh wait my love and devotion is all he

Wants you see

Give omega to Jesus Christ for he is perfection

Satisfying the Father eternally


Like I said Holy Spirit, I am not and never have been an athiest. So I am not sure why you are filling this space up with your scary frightened paranoid shit. It's not a very good advertisement for what you seek to promote.

Holy Spirit

Is the sun your God?


What concern is it of yours who, what, whether or why I worship?

Holy Spirit

All wars are Satan’s plans pitting man vs. man:

Satan hates humans, even though Satan as Lucifer was an intelligent striking Seraphim as the guardian of fire. Satan’s flaw was his ego and with his free will, he chose to think he was of greater power and wanted the seat of God with its lightening; The snake Satan stole a great deal of science from God, because of his access way back eons ago as the guardian of fire. Vanity took hold of Satan not by God’s design, but his own will! Satan is a pathetic creature and well I guess Michael is holding me back, from taking him down stairs to the void. You see its Michaels job.

Back to why Satan causes wars and his favorite method is pitting idolaters vs. Christians. Yes and be aware of wolves in sheep’s clothing like the current Pope and his inaction on pedophilia. So there are some pretending to be Christian. The idolaters communicate with Satan’s network via the mind and it’s sad because they are afraid to break away. Now it’s all about the falling away from Christ as to fill hell up with the lost souls as to hurt God. This makes me laugh, because I guess I’m very old and well I have seen all the tricks and I think some Septillion eons ago I made an evil mistake and paid a heavy price by being placed in a ruby and my sentence was eons of fire. The reason I laugh is because no one can hurt God with me and Christ and a host of angels protecting him. But God does hurt and gets sad by evil that humans do in the name of Satan. Likewise I know the path is love now yet I always laugh in the face of evil, because I feel sorry for evil beings, but not the unforgiven; thy knowest where they end up and yes we are talking eternity here now a days. I laugh at Satan and his reptile like mind; Oh the futility of Satan’s mind!

Simply put Satan hates man, because God placed man in the Garden and Satan was jealous of man! So now you can blame Satan for all the wars not God!



beliefs are mental limitations which depend on conditioning

defending our belief makes us hard,so its quite useless to go into discussions which do not fit into the very limited abilities of free thinking by religious followers.they can only think what fits in their conditioned mind(hello "holy spirit").slavery is a much desired state of being because its so easy .I don`t have to think about and I have no responsability.I have even an excuse for killing and torturing because I do it for my god and against the evil(which is of course always the other).I wonder why these extremists never wonder what kind of god wants them to do these things.
high times to recognize that this is middleage conciousness.my god is the right one ,yours is wrong,so you are less than me.
same evil like nationalism and we germans know where this leads to.

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