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Frances Lynn

What about C/Kabbalah? But not the Madonna promoting sect?


Greg having just found you I would whole heartedly agree that not only is the Sun conscious but everything in the universe is. We live in a symbiotic universe so why should we even doubt that astrology works it seems axiomatic to me.
Anyway the main reason for writing this is to bring to your awareness the name of Nassim Haramein a Swiss physcist who like you believes the sun to be conscious. Not only that he demonstrates it in the following film with footage taken from both NASA and earth based sun observatories.




Ok this is the important part of the clip that i have tracked down for you watch has the Conscious Sun saves our planet from total destruction.


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I really love astrology and to know more about it keep sharing this type of stuff really good article..!


Term Papers: thanks for your comment. I guess you'd be interested in what Britain's best-known astrologer (Jonathan Cainer) had to say about my new book. There's a two minute video clip at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64Xk2c65eAI

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Scientists: why is astrology bunk (natal astrology too not just daily horoscopes)?
i'm genuinely curious about your views i'm not challenging anyone

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