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Marge Meduna-DeVivo

Thank you for this research and book, Gregory!
I am well aware of the Sun as a Conscious Being through the spiritual practices of Haidakhan Babaji. The Havan/Fire Ceremony is a 'living example' of recognition and acknowledgment of Sun/Son of God. See blog for more info:
Blessings, Marge

tom fox

yes, indeed i also agree and have some proof that you are correct about our sun and all stars (dimensions for light beings and thus stargates to other light dimensions or loka's ,yurkteshwar called them astral planets? )Anyhow, its amazing isn't it? And the church downplayed the act of solar worship ,or did they just disguise it?

Eden Maxwell

I only heard you briefly the other evening on Coast to Coast. I felt you would be interested in this excerpt from my book--An Artist Empowered.

As the pair resumed their journey, the master said: “You are in good spirits. Ask me any question.”

“Master,” said the student, now backpedaling in front of his teacher, “please tell me a tale.”

“I’ll tell you one that my teacher told me many ages ago. It goes like this: Disciples are always asking about truth and proof. One truth is time, and in time we have another truth known as the sun to us and a star to others; as this star brings life, it too is alive—life in karma is only another form of ‘being’ in the here and now.”

Cynthia Chase

I'm so glad this book fell into my lap. (Amazon's "others who bought this book also liked..." led me to it.) I'm half way through and I revel in your connections.

I taught minimum astronomy to young teens for twelve years. When I covered the sun I handed out various sizes of container lids, and had the kids draw the layers of the sun. They color-coded temperature increase and decrease, and used arrows to follow the direction of energy. Always, I spoke of the sun as if it was our smartest character in the solar system. An old Disney-made documentary called "Our Mr. Sun" staged a cartoon sun with lots of attitude. It's pretty convincing.

Besides, just look at him. He's cute!

I am polishing a novel in which both Sun and Earth are key players, who organize a few aliens from Jupiter, Mars and Saturn to work together on an Earth fix. It's full of animism, called in fiction, Magical Realism. I'll be watching your blog to see what people go for this stuff.


Gregory Sams

Hi Cindy, Happy that my book managed to find you. Wish they'd known a about the Sun's layers when I went to school.

"The smartest character in the solar system." Yeah! I always found it amusing that the SETI gang and their high tech equipment are searching for intelligence "out there" whilst remaining ignorant of the most intelligent character in the neighbourhood; one you need no tools to detect, just less taboos.
Enjoy the rest of it,

Cynthia Chase

Hello, Gregory -- I'm at the afterward --no, it's the overview.

One correction (other than this, your science is flawless). Transpiration in plants is like human sweating. We drink water in the heat, and emit it at the skin surface for evaporative cooling. Plant's aren't entirely happy about transpiration. It loses them water they might need, and some leaves do waxy coatings or furry underneath or concave curving to delay evaporation's water loss.

But leaves have to keep passage open to get their carbon dioxide and lose their oxygen. Cactus have a clever setup, which opens the stomata only at night, puts the CO2 into a fluid, and holds it until the day to use. Then, with sunlight, CO2 is taken from the fluid to make sugar. It's called CAM photosyntheses, and it keeps moisture in while doing its gas exchange in the cool of night. Slow and inefficient, but it makes desert living possible.

But plants do breathe. Like we do, they have mitochondria that use oxygen and sugar to yield energy.
They don't need much, because they don't move around and chase their food. But it's called photo-respiration and some books treat it as if it's a mistake. It's efficient, because what CO2 the leaf gives off it sucks back up for photosynthesis. I read a text recently that said transpiration was old fashioned and the newer plants (called C4's) don't do it. But that is how plants breathe.

I am reveling in your take on intelligence. It makes my heart glow with love for Sun.


Cynthia Chase

Gregory -- I'm not sure how this blog trades comments. I added one yesterday, and it shows up on this page, but hasn't added it to the "today" comments. Will you check it and tell me if there's another step I need to take to get it listed with all the others?

Sunshine is poking through the clouds. Clever persistence, don't you think? Cindy

Gregory Sams

Cindy, Have to confess that I haven't got an answer. This is quite a new setup and it's new to me and I haven't fully gotten to grips with it yet...too many of other inescapable distractions. Thanks very for the breathing plants correction which I'll hope to get upgraded before any reprints though now the effort must go towards getting to reprint stage. Clever persistence yes, that's what we need!


I've had this thought for two years now and it's so refreshing someone else has also had it. I don't feel I need to read it because I'm already thoroughly convinced that the sun communicates with other stars using its explosive forms of magnetism. I think that if SETI ever does manage to decode the messages the stars are sending to each other, it would probably be quite succinct and poignant and totally difficult to really translate, a bit like the Dao De Jing in the original Chinese.

I have also thought that the algorithm computers use for bit-torrent transmissions would be pretty optimal for a bunch of stars sending messages to each other -- chop the messages up into little pieces and pass them from star to star.

Of course, these are all fantasies, like your book.

But Darwin's masterpiece was also a fantasy.

The thing that made Darwin different from you is that he was trained in a system of expression that allowed him to make an appeal to the scientific community as a whole.

For the scientific community to understand what we Ultra-Intuitives find so easy to grasp about the sun, there will need to be a very special person within the scientific community who writes something as humbly put as what Darwin wrote.

Until then, they'll just think we're crazy for thinking this stuff. That's OK though -- sci-fi has always been ahead of science. Edgar Allan Poe knew about the nature of outer space decades before science proved him right about the nature of 'aether.'

So, good job for publishing this... keep getting the word out... Every paradigm shift needs its John the Baptist, its Jesus, and its Saint Paul. The problem is that the Saint Pauls of the world have a monopoly on scientific expression, but that people have lost the Trivium and Quadrivium.

Few children are really well taught, because teachers talk down to them. We should do away with teachers and the dumbing-down of knowledge, and begin educating children to simply read the classics of science, as they were written, by the people who wrote them. Teaching someone to tackle a difficult book is like exploring the Mandelbrot set -- strange and rewarding, just keep digging.

Keep digging...


Thanks for the thoughtful post A,
I know what you are saying about the scientific community. But should a scientist read through my book and follow the logic they might be won over since, to an open mind, the idea of stars as living beings is a more Occam friendly one than the idea of them as dead dumb pointless matter. And it does away with the need for Dark Matter and Dark Energy, since galaxies hold together for the simple reason that stars are not stupid.

From the age of 18 I have informally regarded the Sun as a life form, but it was not until I began work on "Sun of gOd" that I realized the incredible yet inescapable implications. The latter third of the book explores that rich seam, with the first third softening up readers less ready than you for the initial premise.


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