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Andreas Vlach


I am about to write a review on our german website about your book (which is really great!), and therefor wanted to ask you if a german translation / publication of ths title is planned in the near future!

Thanks in advance for your answer!



Good timing Andreas - I sent a copy last week to Michael Nagula of AMRA, who seems very interested.

AMRA Verlag & Records
Auf der Reitbahn 8
D-63452 Hanau
spirituell . inspirierend . wegweisend
B├╝cher, DVDs und mehr
Fon +49 (0) 61 81 - 18 93 92
mobil +49 (0) 177 - 502 34 87

Thanks for your interest,


Andreas Vlach

Hello Greg!

Thanks for your answer - i will include that information on our website (in case you're interested in the review: http://www.tarotsophie.de/index.php/tarotsophiemenu/buecher/paranormales-etc/550-qsun-of-godq-gregory-sams) , as well as contact the AMRA Verlag in order to encourage them to bring your book to german readers :)

Thanks again for your information! And especially for your book!



Loved the review, and many thanks for your support Andreas - I'm glad you enjoyed the book. The light chapter that seemed to 'light you up' was, for me, the favourite chapter of all to write - journey of discovery. And I understand your comment on the early part, included to soften up the less well travelled among us.

The Yahoo German-English translate did come up with some funny ones, as in
"I would like to arise here one of the thoughts which thereby in the book and to divide me since then busily with the bent readers: Light, which both subject and energy are physically seen..."

Allbest, Greg

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