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I've just discovered this! I am SO looking forward to perusing your blog and becoming familiar with your work. Wow. Best wishes to you and yours! :D Jess

Vincent Woods

Hi Greg, I just stumbled accross your name on the net. What a stunner. I lived at Ahimsa House on Prospect Street in Berkeley when you were there. I would love to get in touch with you. Here is my contact information. Hope to talk to you soon.

Vincent Woods

peter daley

It is good to see someone who realises the importance of the Sun, because it is an aspect of the the Supreme Deity, or whatever you care to call IT.
All energy in this solar system has to come via the sun,and applies equally to the gods and all life.This energy is freely available to all who care to ask and be open to it, and then return thanks for it.
This forms the subject of the 8th.blessing of The Twelve Blessings transmitted by Jesus through George King whilst in a samadhic trance. for details.

mastery mistery

Not to mention Ikhnaton... Hi Greg, I'm enjoying reading the wealth of content. Intriguing and entertaining. Thanks for stopping by cosmic rapture , and for your comments. I'd be delighted to get a copy of Sun of gOd.

Ross Hendry

Greg - I've got a bookshop in Dorset and I wonder if you sell fractal posters at wholesale? Our site is



Ruth Cox

Hi Gregory!

I followed your trail here from your signing of my blog, (; I wanted to let you know I need you to contact me further with your email address.

Blessings & a bit o' sunshine!

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